Inland Water Transport (IWT) Project 

Austria-India OeAD-DST Funded Project (2023-2025)

Project Background

Despite the geographical advantages and abundant potential to contribute towards sustainable freight transportation, developing IWT as an alternative mode has been very limited in countries like India and Austria. The key objective of this project is to quantify the barriers for a modal shift of cargo from road to inland waterways.

SURVEY INFORMATION (Open till February 29) ⏳

Survey Objectives 

🧐 We are looking for #shippers, logistics service providers #LSP and #vessel owners operating in 🌍 #India to fill out our #online #survey! 

❓ Topic: Assessing market barriers of #inland #waterway #transport 🚢

🗨 Language: English

⏳ it takes ~20 minutes of your valuable time. Your dedication to providing thoughtful responses is greatly appreciated 🙏

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📢 Our study aims to comprehensively understand the obstacles faced by decision-makers in adopting inland waterway transport. By identifying and dissecting these barriers, we strive to unravel the complex relationships that shape decision-making processes in the logistics industry.

💡 Why Your Participation Matters: Your unique insights play a pivotal role in the success of this research. Your perspectives will contribute to shaping the future of inland waterway transport strategies, fostering sustainable and efficient solutions across India. Our survey results will be compared with the responses obtained by our Austrian Partners in a comparative framework.

📊 Your input will directly impact the outcomes of the DST project, influencing research & industry advancements. 

😎 Your responses will be handled with the utmost confidentiality, ensuring anonymity in the research findings.