Pavement Materials

CE352 - Pavement Materials

Course Learning Outcome: This course aims to introduce the students to a fundamental understanding of the different materials used for pavement construction.

Session: Offered in Odd Semesters

Broad Syllabus:

UNIT I: Soil and Aggregates

Principles of pavement design and need for material characterization to overcome cumulative damaging effects, Vehicle damaging effects - fixed vehicle, fixed traffic, and variable vehicle and traffic approach, Soil Properties, Types, Gradation and Sieve Size Distribution, Engineering Properties, Tests and Requirements, Aggregates

UNIT II: Bitumen

Definition, History of the Material, Production, Chemistry of Bitumen, Engineering Properties, Grading Systems, Tests and Requirements.

UNIT III: Mix Design of Bituminous Mixes 

Introduction, Requirements of Mixes, Volumetrics of Bituminous mix, Mix Design Principles and Procedures.

UNIT IV: Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC) and Dry Lean Concrete (DLC)

Cement as a Pavement Material, Introduction to PQC, Introduction to DLC, Mix Design, Requirements.

UNIT V: Advanced Pavement Materials 

Modified and Warm Mix Bitumen, Geosynthetics, Recycled Materials, Cold Bituminous Mixes, Nanomaterials in Pavement Construction, Advances and innovation in materials for futuristic long-lasting pavements.

Course Materials (Will be updated every year):

Reference and Textbooks -

1. P.S. Kandhal, Bituminous Road Construction in India, PHI Learning.

2. Relevant Codes (IRC/IS) and Standards (as discussed in the class) such as Shell Bitumen Handbook 

3. Freddy L. Roberts, Prithvi S. Kandhal, E. Ray Brown, Dah-Yinn Lee, Thomas W. Kennedy, Hot Mix Asphalt Materials, Mixture Design and Construction, NCAT.

Continuous Evaluation (Average of 3 Quizzes (best of 4) + Mid-Term + End-Term)


Mid-Term was conducted on September 16 - 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM


Quiz 1 was conducted on 18/08/2023 - Friday 


Quiz-2 was conducted on 08/09/2023 - Friday


Quiz-3 was conducted on November 2 (Coverage: Module 3 & 4)

Quiz-4 (Final Quiz/Make-up)

November 10 Friday (Coverage: Module 1 to 5)


November 23 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM