CE401 - Construction Economics and Management

Course code: CE 401

UNIT I: Construction Planning and Management

Elements of management, definition, history, Taylor’s principles, Henri Fayol’s principles, project and construction management, process of management

UNIT II: Engineering Economics

Cash flow diagram, Tune value of money, Inflation, Interest, Depreciation, Present worth and capitalized cost, Equivalent uniform annual cost and rate of return evaluations, Benefit cost analysis, Analysis of variable costs, Types of capital financing, Valuation

UNIT III: Application of CPM & PERT

Time, Cost and research management of projects for planning, Scheduling, Control and forecasting using networks with CPM/PERT

UNIT IV: Construction Equipments

Selection, planning and cost equipments, earthmoving, excavating, hauling, compacting, drilling and blasting, grouting, conveying and dewatering equipments. aggregate cement concrete equipments

Course Materials: